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Masques were performed in the early seventeenth century in England. Most were written during the reigns of James I (who reigned 1603-1625 in England) and Charles I (who reigned 1625-1649).

Stuart masques were the highlight of the court’s calendar. Staged for special occasions such as weddings, or as part of the twelfth night revels at Christmas, they were spectacular events with dancing, singing, poetry and acrobatics. The actors and masquers wore sumptuous costumes and the stage they performed on was decorated with beautiful sets. They also had a political purpose, emphasising the power of the Royal family to all those watching.

Let’s find out how the masque came together and how it was important for the politics at court!

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Music and Dance

Music and dance were essential elements of the masque. Discover the music from the time, what instruments were used or learn how to dance like a Renaissance courtier.

Costume and Staging

The characters, dress and staging of the entertainment were extravagant and beautiful elements of the Masques. Discover where performances took place and learn how a courtier might dress for the show!


Masques at the Stuart court were often held for political purposes, and the narratives had political undertones. Unearth the role of key courtiers and discover the links between masques and politics.

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Parties at the Stuart Court

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